Surplus Lines Tax Payment Update – ACH Required

Effective October 1, 2020, payments for the North Carolina surplus lines taxes will only be accepted by electronic payment through SLIP.

Currently you can log in SLIP to make electronic ACH payments through SLIP. The ACH payment system allows customers to make all payments instantaneous with a click of a button, reducing human error caused by issuing incorrect payments and time deficiencies from remitting payment via postal mail.

ACH payment will be the only option available for paying your North Carolina surplus lines tax payments on October 1, 2020.

If you have a fraud service on your bank account, you will need to provide your bank with the ACH Company IDs. Our office does not charge any fees to make online payments via SLIP.

How do I access the ACH Payment System in SLIP?

  • The surplus lines tax payment screen can be found in SLIP by selecting – Payment. The payment screen will show the option to toggle between your stamping fee and surplus lines tax payments due. The payment screen reflects the total balance outstanding and a list of all unpaid invoices.
  • Enter new bank account information or select existing account information. If your bank requires the NCDOI customer ID number to allow for this debit transaction, please see the information listed below.
  • ACH Company Name – NC DEPT INSUR
  • ACH Company ID – 1561401519